Month: July 2018

Is Sleep Dentistry The Solution For Those Who Are Dentally Nervous?

Published / by Andreas Schroder

Having problems with your teeth? Then go to the clinic. This is the best option. Are too scared to hear that? Don’t worry. There are many people out there who are really scared of procedures. As I am not one of them, I’ll not boast of feeling your situation. Rather I am here to give you good news. There are more people than you can even imagine who are really scared of dentistry. Then what will you do? Will you sit at home and try many other things to get relief and to increase your problem? Possibly this is easier for you. But doctors have other ways to make things really easier for you. There is a procedure called sleep dentistry which is made for people like you. If the patient is too anxious to sit before the trusted dentist, the doctor will face problem. As the patient remains conscious, he must cooperate with the doctor. When the consciousness of the patient is the basic problem, the patient must be given sedatives. 

Sleep dentistry does not mean that the patient will be sound sleep during  Parkdale dental procedures, like full anesthesia during various surgeries. No patients who have gone through sleep dentistry will ever tell you that he was asleep during the process. Rather he will not be conscious of what was going inside his mouth. The process involves intravenous sedation. To make the patient feel comfortable, the sedative is injected in the blood vein of the patient. These sedatives are usually strong enough to sedate the area within a short span of time. The effects wear off after a certain period of time. The dentistry is completed within the span of sedation. So, the patient is not aware of anything done to him during sleep dentistry.

The patient is always required to be accompanied by someone elder or a friend. As sedatives are injected, the patient must be under observation. The patient is required to spend some time at the clinic to ensure that he is fine. Only then he is allowed to leave accompanied by an adult. The process is called sleep dentistry though the patient is wide awake during the process. The patient is neither asleep nor unconscious. Rather some part of his mouth is asleep or unconscious. Sometimes, patients doze off. But they get back as the doctor say anything. That is why it is called sleep dentistry. The patients really do not feel the pain or touch during sleep dentistry.

How To Avoid Drug Allergies

Published / by Andreas Schroder

Drug allergy is the uncommon reaction of your immune system to a medication. Any medication can create allergies and therefore it is important to know what to do in case of an allergicreaction to a medicine and how to avoid the situation in future.

Most of the times, during an allergic reaction, the symptoms can be identified easily. If you see symptoms such as breathing difficulties, difficulty in speech, dizziness, vomiting, loss of consciousness, swollen lips or tongue, pains in the abdomen, or increased heart rate, after taking a certain medicine, it can probably mean that the patient is allergic to that particular type of medicine. In case this happens, the best to do is calling for an ambulance.

See a Doctor
Sometimes the reaction to medicine is not as immediate or as severe and painful as the above mentioned symptoms. The patience may get blisters on their skin, dry skin that peels off, fever, discomfort, diarrhea, itchiness in eyes, skin rashes, or hives. In these instances, visit a doctor as soon as you can. A doctor can prescribe you an alternative medication and will probably direct you to a compounding pharmacy where the patient can get personalized medication.

Mild Reactions
For mild reactions such as itching and irritation, there are first aid that you can give. Antihistamines is one such medication you can try, specially with adults. In case the patient is a child, you might have to check with a doctor. Make the person have a cold shower or use cool compresses over the affected area gently. It is also recommended to wear loose fitting clothes that are lightweight and comfortable. However, avoid using strong soaps during this time. In case of a rash, a calamine lotion will work as well.

Follow Up
Once the treatments for the allergy is done, you need to make sure it will not happen again in future. Talk with your doctor about alternate medications and medications that you should avoid taking in the future.

A compounding chemist Dandenong will be able to prepare for youthe products that will fit your needs, avoiding the ingredients that create the allergy. If a kid is allergic to certain medications, it is always recommended that the parent inform his/ her school about the situation in case of an emergency.If you or a member of your family has any allergies it is important that you have necessary medication with you prepared. This way you can avoid or lessen the effects of the allergic reaction. If it is the first time you or someone closer to you face an allergy, make sure to stay calm and follow the above steps in order to get the best recovery.