3 Home Remedies For Relieving Foot Pain

There are several remedies out there which will help ease your foot pain for you. You will end up spending less money if you do it at home than visiting a doctor. Here are some treatments you can try at home but it might not work for severe ailments:

Hot or Cold H20

Most of us underestimate the power of water on the skin and how effective it is in treating any sort of pain even in the foot area. The hot or warm treatment is excellent as it will encourage the flow of blood to the infected area and the cold water will work quickly in reducing any inflammation and redness too. You can try filling a bucket with some cold water and another with some hot water. You can try sitting on a cozy chair and dipping your feet into some hot water for around three minutes or for around 10 seconds. You can then try repeating the process a couple of times until your foot is well fermented. You can even try applying a heat pad to they will reduce the pain for you. If you find out that the water treatment does not work well for you then you must consider visiting podiatry clinic at Kew for more treatment information.


Vinegar is a great of reducing any ailments or pain in the foot area which can be due to sprains or strains. It will reduce the inflammation and it will allow the foot to heal and get better. You can try filling a small tub with some warm or hot water. You can add two or three tablespoons of vinegar to the soak and let your foot ferment it. If you really want to spice things up you can add some sea or Epsom salt to the bathe too. You must try your best to soak your feet in it for at least around 20 minutes or so. You must use a towel to wrap your foot with the warm mixture if you are considering using one. Leave it on for at least around 5-6 minutes.

Ice cubes

You can use ice for an ice therapy which will reduce the redness in your ankle or foot area. You will have to simply start out by placing a plastic bag or casing with the ice on the affected area and then try massaging it around and around in circular motions. You can even use a bag of frozen vegetables like peas wrapped in a thin fabric or towel too. Make sure to check out a great doctor or foot clinic who have expert doctors to aid you with your foot problems.

Keep in mind that these home remedies might not work for you if you have severe swelling then you must contact a doctor for more assistance!